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Yulo X

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Yulo X, the latest project by Berlin-based music producer Felix
Neumann, showcases a captivating blend of electronica, imbued
with melodic and ambient elements, and occasional forays into
various electronica genres - from house to techno, garage and
dubstep. Stepping into Yulo X's domain is like floating into a
space where the lush, melodic essence of Max Cooper meets
the vibrant, pulsating energy of Caribou, dancing with the
enigmatic, shadowy grooves of Floating Points. Yet, in the
kaleidoscopic soundscape of Yulo X, the essence of the music is
distilled into a rawer, more minimalist form, peeling away layers
to unveil a core of stark, unadulterated emotion. Yulo X
transcends electronic music genre boundaries, inspired by the
dynamic energies of Berlin's and London's music scenes. His
forthcoming debut album showcases a unique style with catchy
piano passages and orchestral elements, marking an evolution
in Neumann's songwriting and production that resonates
Neumann's distinctive vocal presence on a few tracks of his
upcoming album may ring familiar to fans of his previous
electronic dream pop project, "a hundred times beloved", which
gained attention in the early 2000s through a release on Alison
Records. In Yulo X's music, attentive listeners can recognize the
deep roots in Neumann's musical socialization. The influences
range from the new wave icons of the 80s to the formative
dream pop bands of the early 90s, which were already the
clearest influence for "a hundred times beloved" back in the day.
These influences are skillfully translated into a modern
electronic guise that feels both nostalgic and contemporary.
Neumann is also known for his former house project "Fex
Fellini", which celebrated some club chart successes in the early
2010s and was frequently played by renowned international DJ

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