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Limited to 200 pieces
Punzmann - Hoquetus 12" Limited VINYL
20 €

Who we are?

Superego Records is a label that celebrates unique and authentic music from captivating personalities. It brings together a select group of musicians based in Vienna, spanning diverse genres and sharing a deep appreciation for eclectic sounds. The label represents creative minds who express their emotions and ideas through music, fearlessly exploring new realms and embracing the unfamiliar. Their pursuit is rooted in authenticity, and they are determined to unleash their sound upon the world without limitations

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Why we are?

At Superego Records, our profound love for music and its vibrant community fuels our mission. With open ears, a commitment to experimentation, and an unwavering passion for the art, we aspire to provide a dynamic platform for artists specializing in electronic, electroacoustic, experimental, and contemporary music.

At the heart of our vision lies a refusal to confine creativity within genre boundaries. Instead, we seek to break barriers and cultivate an inclusive space where diverse expressions thrive. Our ultimate goal is to make these unique and innovative art forms accessible to the world!

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Any questions?

You want to submit a demo or ask something about upcoming releases, current projects or our artist roaster? Go on and write us! 

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Superego Records is operated by Neuer Wiener Musik Verein.

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